Born in New York

Born in New York, I lived half my life in the West. The division of time wasn’t neat. It wasn’t a simple case of half a lifetime here; half there. No. I moved, rather my parents and I moved cross-country like some sort of nomadic tribe. I don’t have addresses for all the places I lived, but I know I attended 22 schools. Military kids had nothing on me.

Thanks to this peripatetic lifestyle, I’ve always been the curious—and decidedly not impartial—outsider looking in. I’ve mostly lived in New York City, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C

Now, in the most unexpected move of all, I live in Berkeley, California, where I am looking in with wonder and dismay at the Wild West elements of boom and bust happening here and how they contrast to the places I’ve lived before. And I am writing a collection of essays chronicling the perils and delights of the middle-aged, the proverbial fruits of which are visible in my blog, Muddling through Middle Age and The Matzo Chronicles.

When not packing and unpacking moving cartons

When not packing and unpacking moving cartons, I’ve kept busy working as a print and television reporter. My national news credits include The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour and the Nightly Business Report. I also created, produced and anchored a business broadcast for PBS stations in Nevada, an effort that led to an Edward R. Murrow award and an Emmy nomination.

I’ve also worked as a human rights advocate in the government and non-profit arenas on behalf of refugees, victims of trafficking, immigrants, and those at risk or suffering from AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria. In government, I served as a White House Fellow/Special Assistant to a U.S. Secretary of State, a Member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff, and held two gubernatorial appointments.

Like most adults, I’ve seen my share of joys and sadness, and I find the best response to it all is humor. I hope you like my “laments.”

The future is….

Like most adults, I’ve seen my share of joys and sadness. Through it all, I find the best response is humor. I hope you like my light laments. Please come along and Muddle through Middle Age with me.