Dare to Go Bare

The Golden Age of Naked Dressing

Dare to go bare

Naked dressing. It seems to be a contradiction in terms. Yet, from the catwalks of Milan to the Oscars and the Met Gala, all the gorgeous gals are doing it and I say it’s high time we fleshy middle-aged muddlers jump on the fashion bandwagon and dare to go (nearly) bare! Read more


Slap Fighting is a Thing. What Kind of Thing?

Now, That’s a Slap in the Face!

Slap fighting

Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock was soooo last year! Please, girlfriend! Today slap fighting is an official sport. Read more

Restaurants Go to the Dogs

Specialty Tasting Menus and Cocktails for Bowser!

restaurants have gone to the dogs

I may be wading into dangerous waters but for the love of Lassie, America’s pet mania has gone too far! From hipster Brooklyn to my former beloved near-neighborhood, silly San Francisco, they —more specifically — restaurants have gone to the dogs with specialty menus and cocktails for Bowser and Spot!

Bow wow ow! Read more

Do Not Google My Name

... Or Anybody Else's

Do Not Google My Name

I couldn’t sleep. I started randomly googling names of former colleagues, old friends, and long-lost relatives. In the process, I discovered three disturbing facts which leads me to this advice: do not google anyone’s name! Read more

This and That

I've Got a Lot on My Mind!

This and That

I’ve got a lot on my mind — a lot! From adults dressing up like Disney characters to Peeps-favored Pepsi and governments that cannot communicate clearly! It’s time for a dose of this and that. Are you ready? Read more

My Plants are Killing Me

My Own Little Shop of Horrors!

My plants are killing me

Remember my battle with the fungus gnats? Well, I’m proud to report that they are no longer among us! However, my plants are now mad at me. In fact, it’s possible my plants are trying to kill me! Read more