Giving Your Guy Grief

"Ba da ba ba ba. I'm lovin' it"

Giving Your Guy Grief

Sometimes, Ladies, there is no greater joy than giving your guy grief. I mean the joy of a good “I told you so” is a thing of beauty. Am I right or am I right? Of course, I’m right! Read more

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Straws Cause Wrinkles?

Bad News for Sippers

Straws cause wrinkles

I thought I was a super sipper when I switched from plastic to paper straws. Hooray for the environment. Hooray for me. But now, alas, there’s more bad news for sippers. Straws may cause wrinkles. Read more


Today is My 70th Birthday

Say It Ain't So!

70th birthday

Today is my 70th birthday. Can you believe it? More importantly, can I believe it? Yes, but just barely! Do I have angst about aging? Well … Read more

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The More, the Merrier?

Polycule Me Not!

The more the merrier

For some long-married couples, the flames of passion may have faded. If you’re in that camp, you might be interested in joining a polycule. Don’t know what it is? Well, it starts with the idea that “the more, the merrier.” Intrigued? Amused? Worried? Read on! Read more

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Nutty to the Max

Whose a Peanutter?

Nutty to the max

Allergy Alert! Do not read this blog if you are allergic to nuts, puns or have a low tolerance for silly stuff. Also, consider yourself warned: this blog is nutty to the max! Read more

A Wild Week of Transitions

It's True: Old Age Ain't for Sissies


It was a wild, emotional week of transitions, one sentimental and two providing vivid proof that old age ain’t for sissies! Read more