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Day 32

Wash Day, Winston Churchill, and Popcorn

Today was laundry day, usually a task that brings me much contentment. ((Yes, I know I’m odd.) Anyway, I did laundry, but it brought no contentment. Like many people I suppose, I’m restless and out of sorts.

To get out of my funk, I needed a little inspiration and turned to a notebook where I jot down quotes I like. Here are some that helped perk me up. I hope they cheer or inspire you too.

“Let everything happen to you.
Beauty and terror.
Just keep going.
No feeling is final.”
Rainer Marie Rilke

“Strike the drum; cry “Courage!” and away.”
William Shakespeare

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
Winnie the Pooh

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
Winston Churchill

And while this next quote, also by Churchill, doesn’t fall into the “inspiration” category, it’s definitely good for a chuckle.

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth,  but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”

Friday Night Fun

Then, with my spirits refreshed and the sixth load of laundry completed, I got ready for Date Night with Handsome Hubby.

We’re ordering in food for the first time, Greek. Then, binge-watching heart-pumping Fauda about an undercover unit in the Israeli Defense Forces. We usually take our binge-watching with a bit of popcorn and cuddling on the side!

I’ve even got dressed up for the occasion. Well, sheltering-at-home dressed up. I was going for a cool 1950s Greenwich Village beatnik vibe look. I didn’t quite pull it off. Somehow, I wound up looking more Seattle grunge band! Oh, well. Here’s hoping, love is blind!

And speaking of getting dressed up, mandatory wearing of masks outside the home is becoming the order of the day. This is a good thing. Anything we can do to fight the spread of this terrible virus should be supported. As a child, I loved the Lone Ranger and Zorro. So, now we all get to wear masks and be good guys too!

So, goes Day 32. Have a good weekend everybody. Keep washing those lobster-looking hands.

Day 25

A Nice Day … for TV Addicts.

Nice if you ignore the pandemic. Nice if you ignore the reality outside your own door. Nice if you don’t mind … Well, you get the idea.

But reality pushed aside, it was a nice day.

The sun was shining. No gloomy skies to add to the general gloom.

Handsome Hubby honored my moratorium on his daily lunchtime recitation on the latest pandemic statistics and headlines. So, that provided blessed relief and respite.

Kind Kimberley, my neighbor who shops for us, braved the massive lines at the market and not only found everything on my list but surprised me with a bouquet of lovely flowers — anemones. She still hasn’t procured my favorite brand of pickles (a request from a former shopping list) and now calls it her “white whale” to which one of my clever children said, “You mean, her “Moby Pic?” No doubt Herman Melville is rolling in his grave at this dilly-dallying (Get it? Dill pickles.) and desecration of his great nautical tale.

I do have one fear for those of us blessed to be safe at home, untouched by illness. I fear we are becoming television addicts. There was a time when I had disdain for people who watched too much TV. Now, I watch hours … and hours … of it. I maintain a list of programs to view which I update with a diligence my checkbook only wishes I similarly applied.

Handsome Hubby and I just binged our way through the new season of Ozark. Next in the queue is Money Heist, but that’s just an appetizer for Fauda which we’ve been anxious to see for what seems like “forever.” Then on April 17, Bosch returns. I know because where once I wrote the dates of theater productions we were going to into my calendar, I now track the season premiere dates for TV shows. Oh, my.

And today when I looked at The New York Times’ weekend entertainment section, I was checking for new movies to stream, not movies to go to. Such is life in the Era of COVID-19.

Today’s FASHION TIP from Unfashionable Me

Wear eyeliner colors to match your mood or your aspirational mood!

  • Blue for feeling blue or hoping for blue skies.
  • Green, in my case to match my eyes and with the hope of looking cute despite the fact that I’m wearing yoga pants and a tee shirt for twenty-plus days in a row!
  • Yellow (yes, I have yellow eyeliner and don’t laugh too much, it’s almost cute) just ‘cause, of course, it’s ridiculous and you can’t help but laugh!
  • Glitter liner in any color because we need a little glitter right now.

And so goes Day 25. Final note: Consider matching your eyeliner to your face mask! Stay stylish AND safe!

Summertime and the Living is Exhausting

I'm Binged Out.

Summertime and the living is exhausting

It’s summertime, and I’m exhausted. I cannot keep up the pace.

Summer used to be about relaxing and taking a break from usual routines.

Summer used to be about vacations and long, lazy days at the beach.

Summer used to be about suntans and sunburns. Over-chlorinated swimming pools and bring-tears-to your-eyes salty water ocean waves. About letting the mind wander and go free, watching the clouds and the waves.

The TV got a rest. There were too many reruns. Instead, there were summer book reads. Trashy novels for middle-aged moms (and dads). Required book lists for the kids.

But not this summer. Not for our family, and I bet, not for yours. Read more