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Day 30

Let’s Talk about “Kalsarikännit”

Here in the SF Bay, we’re a month into sheltering in place. Folks in other cities and states are hunkering down for the long haul as well. Times are tough. So, it’s time to talk about “kalsarikännit.”

Not familiar with the term? That’s alright. I wasn’t either until I read about it in — you guessed it — my beloved New York Times. “Kalsarikännit” is Finnish and translates roughly into “pantsdrunk.”

Apparently, the Finns have an affection for it — no, make that, a tradition of — getting drunk in their underwear at home. Now I suppose this is better than getting drunk at a bar and then going out and navigating the icy roads of Finland, but frankly, I’ve been in Helsinki in winter and there is no way I’d want to sit around in my underwear doing anything!

Still, I don’t quite get this “tradition.” Drinking alone doesn’t sound appealing. Besides, I don’t like the taste of alcohol or the way it makes me feel. So, overall, even fully clothed, I’m pretty much a drinking lightweight.

What’s also curious to me is the Times decision to spotlight “kalsarikännit” in these troubled times. Does the publication that prides itself on printing “all the news that’s fit to print” really think this story counts as newsworthy or socially redeeming?

Although now that I think about it, drinking is clearly on the mind of a lot of people judging by liquor sales. And it definitely was a concern for one 93-year-old woman in Pennsylvania who held up a sign in her window requesting “I need more beer.” Well, Coors heard her plea and delivered 10 (!) cases of the stuff!

And so goes Day 30 — oh, my, Day 30! Stay safe. Stay sane. And really, stay sober. No “kalsarikännit” — at least with the windows open!