Day 19

Definitely Groundhog Day

Rain. Boredom. Gloomy Statistics. Yet, also, gratitude that those I love are not part of those statistics. Tidying up the house. Overeating — yikes, gotta watch that! Then, rallying and a grab-oneself-by-seat-of-the-pants moment and onward to a better day!

Yes, thanks to that turnaround moment (and attitude shift) came:

  1. Productivity — working on next Wednesday’s Muddling through Middle Age blog. (I think it’s going to be a good one! Fingers crossed.)
  2. Connection — talked to my beloved doctor-niece in NYC for the update on life and work. She shared a picture of medical tents in Central Park, a sight not seen since the Civil War — a sight most uncivil, a sight most sad.
  3. Entertainment — a now rare treat! I went (virtually) to a Saturday matinee at the theatre. Yes, thanks to the resourcefulness of Berkeley Repertory Theatre, ticketholders like myself are able to enjoy a streamed performance of School Girls: Or the African Mean Girls Play via the streaming service BroadwayHD.

And then, supper time. Time for another lovely supper with friends at Zoom Café.

So goes Day 19. May you find reasons for joy each day.

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