Day 215


California may have wildfires. California may have earthquakes. But pity Chicago.

The Windy City holds a distinction no city wants. It has been “honored” — for the sixth year in a row, no less — as the “rattiest city” in the nation by Orkin, the Atlanta-based pest control service.

Orkin’s rat list is based on the most “new rodent treatments” service calls within a one-year period.

As for Chicago, the problem is so severe the city formed a “rat taskforce” in 2016 and residents began adopting cats, creating — if you will, their own household rodent vigilante death squads.

Meanwhile, rounding out Orkin’s top 10 list of ratty cities are Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Denver, and Minneapolis.

Rankings for other cities can be found on Orkin’s website. Inquiring minds want to know … or do they?

And that’s my (non-pandemic) news on Day 215. Hang in there.

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