A Wild Week of Transitions

It's True: Old Age Ain't for Sissies


It was a wild, emotional week of transitions, one sentimental and two providing vivid proof that old age ain’t for sissies!

The Transitions Begin

The first transition was the sentimental, bittersweet one. I gave away my wedding dress. I gifted it to a lovely girl, actually two girls. Two sisters, in fact. One is engaged; the other, though laser-focused on graduate school, instantly called “dibs” on the dress for a future time — and groom — TBD.

Both are more acquaintances than close friends. I haven’t known them for a long time. Yet, I really admire them. They are manicurists. One did my nails until she moved abroad to study. Now the younger sister does my nails.

The two have had rough lives. A mother on drugs who abandoned them — except when she needs money or wants to crash in one of their cars.

Yet, somehow the girls have not only kept their heads on straight. “N” is getting her Masters degree in England. A third sister who I haven’t met is studying in Italy.

Along the way, these girls not only supported themselves but also took in a younger half-brother and raised him. They are amazing strong, sweet women — tough, yet, tender.

Giving them my dress was a delight. “A” tried it on and said to me, “I loved it from the photo you texted, but now that I have it on, I just totally, totally love it. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, thank you.”

The hug she gave me warmed my heart. We face-timed “N” in Cambridge and a real girl giggle gabfest ensued. So much fun! I showed them both my grandmother’s wedding slip from 1915 and we all “oh-ed” and “ah-ed” at the delicate and tiny full-length garment.

And then, “A” and my dress, the latter all gently wrapped in mounds of tissue paper, headed out the door. I had a little cry. Then, I equally delicately wrapped up Grandma’s wedding slip and placed it back in my cedar chest.

The Transitions Continue

Transition Two was decidedly not sentimental! It was my latest bone density test. If such tests were on a “pass/fall” system, I failed! My numbers were not good and since I’ve been on medication to prevent bone loss for years, well ….

It’s frustrating and a bit frightening.

As you may recall, I’ve been on a mega-fitness kick for more than a year. I’ve been doing Pilates and Aqua Fitness like nobody’s business. I’ve also lost a lot of weight. So, you’d think I would have “aced” that old bones’ test.

Not to say, I didn’t have some hints that things were amiss. On last month’s trip to Europe, even Handsome Hubby noticed that I no longer have my once-famous New York City multi-mile walking legs. I tired easily and couldn’t keep up the pace I used to. I also had trouble hoisting my suitcase into the airplane overhead bin on each leg of our travels.

The frightening part of the test results relates to my mother who, as I’ve previously noted, had horrific back problems including severe osteoporosis.

So, the bone density test results set off huge alarm bells for me, HH, and my doctor.

Now, we’re revising medication, and I’m starting a new exercise regime focused on strength training. Yes, my fellow middle-age muddlers, I will be lifting weights under the supervision of a trainer.

Speak Up Please!

Then, in the cruelest transition of all this past week, I bowed to reality and got hearing aids. Yee, Gods! They help! I was hoping they wouldn’t make a difference, but they do. Curses!

My daughter says she’s been talking louder to me for years. Ouch! And to think, I only thought I had a hearing problem in crowded restaurants!

While they are invisible to the naked eye, they make me feel old. Ancient. Like I’m 103!

Oh, well! Life happily goes on.

And what, you might ask, am I doing for fun this week? Seeing the eye doctor about possible cataract surgery and also, the foot doctor about foot surgery.

Yes, in the Winter, Handsome Hubby and I were gloriously traveling the globe.  Now, it’s the Spring, I’m back to Muddling … make that limping and squinting … through Middle Age!

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  1. Jane Hackford-Riley
    Jane Hackford-Riley says:

    Love this! Such a sweet story about your wedding dress! Such a happy story! Those girls really deserve it, when you think of the cost of wedding dresses today! Old Bones, weight , hearing etc.,. I am so there! Don’t worry we are luckier than our parents, we have better diagnostics today and better medicine! Here’s to old bones! XO

  2. marymooney
    marymooney says:

    Great piece. How absolutely wonderful that your precious wedding dress will have a new life with someone who will really appreciate it. As for the rest of that aging stuff. . .alas, it all beats the alternative!

  3. Bruce Titus
    Bruce Titus says:

    Growing older involves successive instances of your body saying … “If you thought that was bad, just watch this!”


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