Happy 100th (Blog) to Muddling Me

It's My Party and I'll Smile if I Want to!

Happy 100th Blog to Me

A moment of celebration! Muddling through Middle Age just hit the century mark! This is my 100th blog, my 100th “light lament” for women (and men) of a certain age.

And since it’s my party (or at least my blog), I’d like to pause, not cry as Leslie Gore did in her hit 1963 song “It’s My Party,” for a moment of reflection.

Five years ago, Handsome Hubby and I moved from Washington D.C., the land of pinstripe suits, to let-it-all-hang-out Berkeley, Ca.

For HH, the move was a logical career step. He’s in the renewable energy field and many of his clients are West Coast-based. For me, the move was a big question mark. A former journalist, I made my living telling other people’s stories, reporting on deadline, rushing here and there. With this move, I decided I wanted something different. I wanted to fulfill a long-held dream to write my own stories at my own pace AND to write uplifting fun stories with humor. I’d had enough “if it bleeds, it leads” newsroom pressure to last a lifetime!

My “Baby” is Born

And so, Muddling through Middle Age was born. At least the Muddling idea. That was the easy part. But from idea to learning to honor my own self-imposed deadlines and “creativity,” plus understanding how to develop and market a website/blog — those were challenging tasks. And I could not have accomplished them without the help of smart, funny Handsome Hubby, my behind-the-scenes Techno Wizard, and my nurturing, rigorous editor Jane Anne Staw.

Even with help, it is not easy re-inventing yourself at 60+, but it is fun.

Happy 100th

And here I am, 100 posts later, a new me! It goes to show you. You can teach a Baby Boomer new tricks.

So, to all you middle-age muddlers dreaming of change, I say go for it!

And when (and please notice I’m not saying if) you do it, I’ll be there for you. Ready to cheer you on. Ready to wish you whatever equivalent of Happy 100th celebration is in order as you succeed!

A Perfect Role Model

If you need inspiration, consider my mother, Dorothy Galatz. Married when she was a senior in high school, she raised four children, helped run my father’s electrical contracting business, and kept an immaculate home filled with music, books, laughter, and delicious food. When my father died, she was 69-years-old. My mother went back to school. She earned her GED and planned to go to college and become a paralegal. Health problems intervened derailing those professional goals but didn’t stop her entirely. She became a volunteer extraordinaire, leading an organization that aided the mentally challenged. My mother forged new friendships and taught me how to become at least half a good a parent as she was!

Tomorrow marks the 18th year of her passing. In the Jewish religion we say, “May the memory of this righteous one be a blessing.” Her memory is just that.

Now, onward. Enough reflection. See you next week with more middle-aged muddles, light laments, and arthritic adventures! Have a great week. Laugh – and muddle – on!


Trivia Note:
The first 45-record I bought was Leslie Gore’s “Wonder Boy.” What was your first song or album purchase? Care to share?

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    • Karen
      Karen says:

      Well, Handsome Hubby, I’ve learned something new about you! Good thing you wrote that it was the Tennessee Ernie Ford version! I looked it up and the first recording was released in 1947 by another artist. Now THAT would have dated you and I probably won’t have!

  1. marymooney
    marymooney says:

    Another great post. My first record was “Remember”. . .I think. No clue who sang it. “. ..walking in the sa-a-and. Remember. Life is so-o gra-a-nd.” You get the picture. FYI-Your mom is Hollywood beautiful.

    • Karen
      Karen says:

      Ah, the Monkees. Now that takes me back.
      And thank you for those kind word about my mother. As you know, your sweet mother was one of my favorite people. I still giggle over one adventure I had with her and a card she sent is faithfully hung on our Christmas tree each year.

  2. Mary Rees
    Mary Rees says:

    Congratulations, Karen! What good work you’ve done — so much in such a short time! And the story of your mother is inspirational.


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