A Happy Fourth of July for Everybody

A Fantastic Fateful Day for my Family

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

Today is a special day for our nation.

And today is a special day for my family because 87 years ago my parents met … on a blind date … on Coney Island.

My father was supposed to go out with my mother’s best friend, but … he took one look at my mother and “that was it.” At least that was how he explained it to me decades later.

My parents, 1932

There were fireworks that night and there were fireworks all 52 years they were together. He wrote her poetry and bought her wrist corsages to wear for special occasions. She loved the poetry but hated the corsages (although she never told him that).

If you’d like to learn a bit more about my family especially “My Mathematical Father,” you can do so in this recently published bioStories essay.

Meanwhile, today is for patriotism, family, friends, and fun. Enjoy your day. Treasure old memories. Make some fun new ones. That’s my family’s plan.

See you next week with more light laments as we continue to Muddle through Middle Age together!

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