Spring is Springing. Allergies Too

Here’s a List of 5+ Weird Allergies.

Spring allergies

Spring is coming. The sun is shining. Flowers will soon be in bloom. Unfortunately, my allergies will be too. Ah, the good with the bad.

In preparation for my yearly — losing — battle with itching, sneezing and a non-stop runny nose, I re-upped my antihistamine prescription (for all the good it does me).

While preparing to wage my seasonal allergy war, I also checked the Internet to see if there are any new allergy treatment breakthroughs. While disappointed not to find any medically sanctioned miracle solutions, I discovered a host of weird allergies I had never heard of. And since misery loves company, I thought I’d share some of the more unusual ones with you, my likely fellow allergy sufferers!

Weird Allergy No. 1: Ladybugs

Sorry to say, but this is so, especially in the Southeastern United States. I’m bug-phobic, except when it comes to M’Ladybug. So, this makes me sad.

Weird Allergy No. 2: Cockroaches

They’re disgusting anyway. So, who cares if you’re allergic to them? Just call an exterminator in any case and get rid of them. Good riddance.

Weird Allergy No. 3: Marijuana

Allergy symptoms from inhaling, smoking, touching, or eating cannabis include runny nose, itchy watery red eyes, sneezing, and asthma. There is no standardized skin testing available for a marijuana allergy, but the treatment …? Avoid marijuana — a mother’s dream allergy for her child, won’t you say?

Weird Allergy No. 4: Tattoos

Now, as a mother, I view this as another dream allergy. Yet, here in the US, the reality is that as tattoos have become more popular, so have allergic reactions to tattoo ink. One study found that red ink causes the most problems.

Experts recommend reducing the risk of having a reaction by making sure you get inked at a clean, reputable facility, and by getting a tiny mark tattooed on your skin at least 24 hours before having the full design done OR listen to your mother and just don’t get a tattoo. PLEASE!

Weird allergy No 5: Semen

Very rarely, women can have a reaction to their partners’ semen, which can include redness, burning, itching, and swelling in areas where the fluid was exposed to their skin. This allergy is often person-specific. So, a-hum, switching partners may be the solution!

Once this allergy is diagnosed, doctors may be able to perform desensitization (similar to allergy shots) that can help a couple have sex without these symptoms. Couples trying to get pregnant can also consider intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization. If you’re of child-bearing age, don’t fret too much. Again, this is extremely rare.

Goddess of Domesticity and Allergies?

Doing my research for this story, I was pleased to discover that some allergies work in favor of harried housewives! Oh, golden Goddess of Domesticity, where can I get some of those?

For instance, there are allergies to laundry detergent and dryer sheets, household cleaners, and vacuuming. “Honey, I just cannot do household chores anymore. See I have a note from my allergist.”

But, of course, allergies are uncomfortable and indeed, in some cases, life-threatening. They affect an estimated 17 million adults and seven million children in the US. In fact, allergic conditions are the most common health problem impacting children.

I have a host of allergies, seasonal and year-round. My biggest allergy is to cats. Just say the word and I start scratching and itching.

The Allergy List Keeps Growing

And somehow now that I’ve gotten older, it seems I’m more allergic — or at least more sensitive — to more things. In the winter, dry air makes me itchy. Rash new cosmetic purchases often make me break out in a rash! Handsome Hubby only tolerates super soft sheets. Yes, our list of personal preferences keeps growing, but at least we’re alive and kvetching, right?

Of course, after being stuck indoors for a year worrying about the pandemic, isn’t it just grand to be healthy, outdoors, and complaining about something as minor as seasonal allergies?

Plus, now that I know that some people suffer from allergic to the lithe and lovely ladybug, I dare never complain again. No, indeed. That’s a simply too tragic.

So, I say: Bring it on Spring. I can take it. I’ve got my Claritin® RediTabs®. I’m ready. Set. Sneeze!

🐞 🐞 🐞

And speaking of tragedies: some people are allergic to jewelry! Can you just imagine!

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    • Karen Galatz
      Karen Galatz says:

      Thank you for the kind words. As long as I can make people laugh … that’s nothing to sneeze at! Honestly, I’m lucky I’ve generally been able to see the funny side of things. It helps especially these days. Be well.


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