The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His …

All Hail the Spicy Crab Pot

the way to a man's heart

Last week was our 35th wedding anniversary. You might think after all these years that passion has abated in our marriage, but you’d be wrong. Handsome Hubby is still one hot honey. As for me, I thought I knew the way to a man’s heart, but this year … Well, this year was a bit different.

For our big celebration, we made suitably big plans. HH wanted to take me to one of his favorite Reno hot spots and I, of course, eagerly accepted. I made an extra effort to get all dolled up, as they used to say. You cannot imagine the excitement that welled up in HH. You would have thought he was a teenager, again. He could scarcely contain himself.

The Way to a Man’s Heart

Unfortunately, I quickly realized the excitement was not about me. It was about the meal.

You see, HH was a man with a plan, a dinner plan. And as I learned, sweet talk was nowhere on the menu!

HH drove quickly. He hustled me upstairs to the Atlantis Casino Report Spa’s famed Oyster Bar and then, needing no menu, he ordered the spicy crab pot. Sitting there, all smiles, he was practically bouncing up and down with anticipation. I foolishly thought he was in a hurry to get home for romance and well, you know, romance.

Wrong. It was all about the spice crab pot! Apparently, somehow, unbeknownst to me, it is HH’s “favorite” meal in the whole wide world!

Now, admittedly, the spicy crab pot is a sight to behold, no less contemplate ingesting in its entirety. It is huge, virtually overflowing with multiple crab claws and legs and a seemingly random assortment of other crustaceans, who no doubt willingly gave their lives for the honor of being part of this gluttonous gustatory extravaganza, available for a mere $33.99.

All Hail the Spicy Crab Pot

Witnessing HH work his way through the crab pot was a spectacle I will not soon forget. I have never seen such an expression of such complete joy, gluttony, and dare I say it? Yes, say it I must, ecstasy on the face of this bibbed man.

He was as happy as a five-year-old playing in a pile of mud and muck. HH must have cracked and dug his way through that crab pot for 49 minutes. In the process, he destroyed five napkins, sopped up the tomato-y sauce with three sourdough rolls, and displayed a zeal I heretofore had only seen in the bedroom or the backseat of the car!

Yeah, Yeah, the Spicy Crab Pot

You’re probably wondering if HH was satisfied at the end of his crab pot gustatory orgy. No. A thousand times, no! He ordered dessert too! It was a non-stop, breathless, caloric feast!

But also, for me, watching HH inhale his fishy feast with such joy, it was an honest-to-goodness giggle fest. Yes, after 35 years, the man still surprises and delights.

Finally, after the last forkful of pie, HH leaned back, exhausted, and sated. Beaming, he said, “The Oyster Bar’s spicy crab pot is my favorite comfort food in the entire world and I’m so happy at long last to share it with you.”

Ah, Love

As I stared and marveled at this man I married so. long ago, I asked myself again, “How had I not known this?” Ah, sweet mystery!

It seems this anniversary I learned that the way to man’s heart is not only through his stomach but through his memories of favorite restaurants!

Happy anniversary, Jon. Here’s to another 35 years!

🦀 🦀 🦀

As for next year’s anniversary festivities? I guess I’ll try wearing a bib from the Oyster Bar and see how things go!

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