Laments About Arthritic Adventures

Belly Button Lint and the Ig Nobel Prizes

Welcome to the Land of The Who Knew

Belly button lint

I’ve been navel-gazing — all in the name of science, and I’ve learned a lot about belly button lint. Of course, I want to share. So, buckle up, my friends, for this first-ever Muddling through Middle Age, SCIENCE EDITION! Read more

Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer

Something Different. A Somewhat Visual Blog!

Dog Days of Summer

Here’s something different! Just for fun in keeping with these lazy dog days of summer, I thought I’d offer something different … a somewhat visual collection of signs, slogans, and jokes I’ve collected that gave me a tickle. Now I hope they give you one too.

Enough preamble! Let the ramble begin! Read more

I Want to be a Celebrity Wife

My "Wine Me, Dine Me" Summertime Whine

I want to be a celebrity wife.

It’s the end of summer and I’m feeling restless. Discontent. Work-a-holic Handsome Hubby won’t take a vacation. All I do is slouch around, wearing baggy sweatpants and jeans. Clearly, I’m in a rut. What to do? Based on reading People Magazine, the “only” solution to my summer ennui is to marry a mega-star and become a super-hot celebrity wife. Read more

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Something in the Water

Fitness Fights are Not Fun

Something in the water

There must be something in the water! For the past week, there’s been absolute warfare in the pool at my gym. I kid you not. The matronly “ladies” in my Aqua Fitness class have been more focused on throwing fits than actual fitness. It’s downright disturbing! Read more

Courage. That’s the Ticket

Less of a Ha-ha Blog. More of an A-ha Moment


I keep reading articles stressing the importance of resilience as we age and believe me, I’m not knocking its value. But two weeks ago, I was reminded about the need for another trait — courage. Read more

Never a HOA Again

Give Me Land. Lots of Land. Don't Fence Me In!

Never a HOA Again

It’s not quite the Homeowners’ Association from Hell, I grant you that, but still, ours is a pip. Its non-stop “well-meaning” intrusiveness is enough to make Handsome Hubby and I swear, “Never a HOA again.”

Happily, we live in an email world. So much of this HOA contact comes via a blizzard of electronic messages.

The latest alerts: rattlesnakes! Read more

Relationship Red Flags and Now, Beige Flags

Should This Relationship Be Saved?

Relationship red and beige flags

Young moderns face a maze of dating conundrums that we muddling middle-agers luckily avoided. Dating apps, a smorgasbord of scary social diseases we never heard of, and casual sexual practices that make me cringe. Yet, some things about dating remain the same — relationship red flags! You know, glaring — blazing — warning signs that a potential partner is a mega-no-no.

Still, today, life and dating seem more complicated, and youngins not only have red and green flags to signal relationship status in their social media conversations, they’ve also added “beige flags” to the online conversation mix. Read more


The Bearer of Bad News? Not I!

One Ringy Dingy

The Bearer of Bad News

I called my 31-year-old son the other day. His first words were, “What’s the matter? What’s wrong now?”

Does he perceive that I am always the bearer of bad news? Yikes! Is he right? Am I always calling with bad news? Worse yet, is there only bad news to convey? Read more


Dare to Go Bare

The Golden Age of Naked Dressing

Dare to go bare

Naked dressing. It seems to be a contradiction in terms. Yet, from the catwalks of Milan to the Oscars and the Met Gala, all the gorgeous gals are doing it and I say it’s high time we fleshy middle-aged muddlers jump on the fashion bandwagon and dare to go (nearly) bare! Read more


Slap Fighting is a Thing. What Kind of Thing?

Now, That’s a Slap in the Face!

Slap fighting

Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock was soooo last year! Please, girlfriend! Today slap fighting is an official sport. Read more