Happy Thanksgiving: From A to Z

Best Wishes from our Home to Yours

Here’s a Happy Thanksgiving Day alphabet primer to get you and the family started on holiday fun. Turkey, togetherness, travel, talking, and tag football. Enjoy it and your day with family and friends! Don’t eat too much. Make sure at day’s end, only the turkey is stuffed!

Happy Thanksgiving: A
To the apple lovers (computer and fruit) in your house.

Happy Thanksgiving: B
To bakers who labor so hard on this special day and bankers who get the day off!

Happy Thanksgiving: C
To the cousins, we count by the score and occasionally scorn!

Happy Thanksgiving: from D to L

Happy Thanksgiving: D
To all the dads who carve and cater to all.

Happy Thanksgiving: E
To eating and eating and eating some more!

Happy T Day: F
To fattening foods, our favorites are fantastic, so flavorful, our willpower’s a thing just out of sight!

Happy Thanksgiving: A second entry for the letter F
Most important of all, F is for family and friends for they are the true meaning and delight of this special day.

Happy T Day: G
To gluttony, gastronomical access, sloth and couch potatory unsurpassed! Relax today. For starting tomorrow remember – only 26 shopping days til Christmas.

T Day Happiness: H
Happiness indeed. Sharing the house, bedrooms, bath and beyond with grandad, nana, mom and Auntie Em. Sometimes though it’s enough to make you wish the Pilgrims had turned ’round instead of landing at Plymouth Rock!

Happy Thanksgiving: I
To enough ice for the drinks and the ice cooler that holds all the overflow food that couldn’t fit into the fridge. Indulgence all round. That’s what happens each year.

Happy T-day: J
To jump rope, jacks, and games galore. You’ll need them all to make sure the kids have a ball.

Happy T-day: K
To all the Karens, Karlas, Karls and Kims crashing at your house this holiday weekend.

Happy Four Day Weekend: L
To all those lucky lads and ladies relaxing not working hard retail selling or in restaurants serving.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to almost Z-end!

Happy Thanksgiving: M
M is for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Hooray, now in its 93rd year! Balloon, marching bands, acts from Broadway shows. Something fun for us all, kids young, kids old.

Happy Thanksgiving: N
To nappers delighting in post-turkey tryptophan-induced slumber.

Happy Thanksgiving: O
O is for Ocean Spray canned jellied cranberries. I know it is heresy, but I love it the best. Don’t tell Handsome Hubby. He makes a cranberry-orange relish that’s delish, but still … I was raised on Ocean Spray and from Ocean Spray I’ll never stray!

Happy Thanksgiving: P
P is for potatoes, sweet, baked, mashed, smashed, Marshmellow-ed, and, of course, couch! And don’t forget about pies, pumpkin, pecan, and apple. Oh, my!

Happy T Day: Q
To us all. Thanksgiving is always quite a feast at our house. I hope it is at yours as well.

Happy T Day: R
Please be sure to get some R&R amid the cooking, the cleaning, the shopping, the squabbling, the travel, the hub, and the bub!

Happy T Day: S
Stuffing and sweet potatoes. Yes, please, gimme more. Salad? No thanks. No room on my plate! Sweets for dessert? Why sure. Plenty of room! Sure I can eat lots and lots more!

Happy T Day: T
T. Why that’s easy. Turkey, my dear. Unless you live with my family. Then, sigh, it’s tofurkey this year!

Happy T Day: U
Again, I say “Happy start of the holiday season to U and yours. May it be safe, healthy and joyous!”

The Alphabet Home Stretch!

Happy T Day: V, W, X, Y, and Z
Relax and enjoy videos of Watchman, Young FrankensteinX-Men, and Zorro. (I know they’re not holiday-themed films, but it’s the end of the alphabet. That’s always so tough. So, please show some holiday charity for this muddling middle-aged author/tofurkey chef and go with the flow!) The point is: Thanksgiving is a four-day couch potato’s extravaganza of viewing and cuddling. Enjoy with the family while munching leftovers.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

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