Turkey Insurance: Get Your Gobbler Covered!

Bye-Bye to Burned Birds?

Cooking turkey to perfection is a challenge. Even seasoned cooks worry. But now, if you fear your fowl might turn out foul, take heart. You can reduce the risk. Trot right out and take out turkey insurance!

That’s right! Turkey insurance is a thing! And for tepid cooks (O.K. terrible cooks like me) that’s positively poultry salvation!

This year if you bought your bird from Whole Foods, you could have purchased the store’s “Turkey Protection Plan.” Then, if your bought bird burns (say that three times fast), you might get a $35 store gift card.

The program, co-sponsored by Progressive Insurance, “covers” turkeys purchased November 11-22, whether said birds were bought in-store or delivered.

To submit “claims,” chagrined cooks must submit photos of their turkey travesties plus a confession — i.e. an explanation of what went wrong — and the receipt to the official turkeyprotectionplan.com website between Thursday, Nov. 26 and Friday, Nov. 27  to qualify for the gift card.

The offer is limited to the first 1,000 claims and “judging” is at the discretion of Whole Foods.

Now, I recognize this blog appears on Nov. 25. So, the fair or fowl insurance program doesn’t help you — or me — this year, but there’s always next year’s turkey to ruin. That’s why I’m sharing the intel. Save it. File it. Calendar it. You’ll thank me come T-Day 2021! Till then …

🦃  🍗  🦃

From our house to yours,
Sincere Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.
Muddle on in Good Health!

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