Restaurants Go to the Dogs

Specialty Tasting Menus and Cocktails for Bowser!

restaurants have gone to the dogs

I may be wading into dangerous waters but for the love of Lassie, America’s pet mania has gone too far! From hipster Brooklyn to my former beloved near-neighborhood, silly San Francisco, they —more specifically — restaurants have gone to the dogs with specialty menus and cocktails for Bowser and Spot!

Bow wow ow!

Restaurants Go to the Dogs

Yes, nowadays you can order Dög Pawrignon, canine birthday cakes, or a “simple” salmon steak with rice for your widdle woofer or precious pup. All it takes is money! Or as the sarcastic might say,

“Who’s a good boy? Who’s got a master with too much discretionary income?”

Personally, I feel like a sport when I impulse buy Olga, my kid’s hurricane-rescued hound, a box of pricy organic boxed biscuit treats at Whole Foods.

(It’s the same altruistic rush I feel when buying Handsome Hubby a box of his favorite oatmeal raisin cookies … even when he hasn’t written the need for more on the shopping list! I’m just that kind of loving gal! What can I say?)

Anyway, Back to the Canine Crowd

If you — and your dog — are in San Francisco, you can go to Dogue which caters exclusively to the canine crowd, and select from the fine-dining tasting menu. It costs $75 per dog, but owners need not feel left out. They get a treat too! “Complimentary” sparkling water or mimosas. No begging is required!

If pampered pets and owners find themselves in the Big Apple, specifically Greenwich Village, Judy Z’s serves both with a smile, offering a separate doggie menu (and presumably doggie bags). Yet, I wonder … what would the Allen Ginsbergs, Jack Kerouacs, and the other beatniks of yesteryear have to say about this fido-fad? I dare not hazard a guess.

Canine Cakes and Cupcakes to Go

Pet parents can order cakes and cupcakes from Maison de PawZ’s pâwtisserie. And yes, pet foodies, there are also doggie food trucks operating in various locales across the country, but doggone if I can provide geographic specifics. You — and your hound — will have to sniff out the whereabouts on your own.

As for me, I struggled this year with what to get my adult child as a birthday gift. So, as a goof, I bought a gift certificate from Dogue. I’m still waiting for a “thank you.” I fear the humor of my gift failed to land. Perhaps I am, as they say, in the doghouse!

🦴 🎂 🦴

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