Do Not Google My Name

... Or Anybody Else's

Do Not Google My Name

I couldn’t sleep. I started randomly googling names of former colleagues, old friends, and long-lost relatives. In the process, I discovered three disturbing facts which leads me to this advice: do not google anyone’s name!

Fact One: Do Not Google

I quickly realized that at my age randomly looking up people from your past no longer means learning about happy career happenings, or the birth of new children or even grandchildren. It all too frequently results in reading obituaries.

I “googled“ five people and three of them had died. I practically had a heart attack as I realized I was witnessing a trend, make that a tsunami, of passings. What was worse is that the three who had died weren’t old by today’s standards. One was 65, another 68, and the “oldest” was 74.

The second disturbing fact hit much closer home, much closer to my heart. My first real boyfriend died last year. He was the 68-year-old who had passed. It was cancer.

David and I met in college. He was lovely, kind, gentle, and funny. A perfect first. We were engaged. I was immature. Hurt him. Angered his wonderful mother who I also adored. We tried again a few years later and again, I hurt him. It was unforgivable. We never spoke again.

Again, I Say … Do Not Google

The third thing I learned from my late-night name game Googling is NOT to do it again. At this point in my life, no good can come of it.

And on that note, please, DON’T Google my name! It’s probably bad luck. And with my birthday just around the corner, who needs to court bad luck? If you need to know anything, email me! I’m still around!

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