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This and That

I’ve got a lot on my mind — a lot! From adults dressing up like Disney characters to Peeps-favored Pepsi and governments that cannot communicate clearly! It’s time for a dose of this and that. Are you ready?

This and That No. 1: Plain Speak vs. Government Speak

Here in my hometown, Reno, NV, the city has proposed adding a bike lane along one of the main roads. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Well, actually the proposal — or at least the proposal’s name — doesn’t sound nice at all. It’s incomprehensible in plain, everyday people speak. In official government speak, it’s heralded as the Center Street Multimodal Improvement Project aka The Center Street Cycle Track Project. Even “cycle track” is a bit of a mouth full. Still, once I understood what the project was, I was all in.

This and That No. 2: Better Late than Never?

I know Easter is in our collective rearview mirrors, but I could not resist sharing this tidbit. Pepsi has produced a Peeps-flavored drink! Yikes or Yahoo? I guess it’s a question of perspective and taste buds. It offers everything terrible for you … tons of caffeine and tons of sugar. And oh, yeah, Pepsi. (I’m squarely on Team Coke!)

One taster said the drink didn’t have the flavor of traditional marshmallows but was more like the “artificially flavored dried stuff you get in cereals.” The taster went on to liken the taste to “a blue raspberry Icee with a hint of something like Windex.” (Story Credit: Endia Fontanez, Arizona Republic)

Well, if that got your taste buds a-buzzing, Pepsi’s website apparently has a product locator. I did find some on eBay. Just don’t say you weren’t warned!

This and That No. 3: Single-Use Device

I, for one, am not a fan of single-use devices. I’ve vented on this space-wasting subject before, but recently I fell hard for a dish — make that two dishes — built for serving olives and cherries. Each has a central hole to deposit the unsightly pits out of sight!

Now I grant you unsightly pit disposal is one of those proverbial First World problems but as an aspiring Pearl Mesta hostess with the most-est, it is one that bugs me. Let’s face it — unsightly pits are, well, yes, the pits! So, a special dish that hides them seems perfect — even if it retails for $30-$45.

No. 4: “DisneyBounding” or Disney Hounding?

While Florida Gov./Presidential Wannabe Ron DeSantis spends an inordinate amount of time ineffectively hounding the Disney Corporation, the state’s largest employer, for a host of imaginary sins, adult fans of the Magic Kingdom cannot show their love in enough ways.

One way? “Disneybounding.” It’s a method that allows superfans to emulate their favorite characters without violating Disney’s no-costume rules for grownups. They use character-inspired, character-adjacent everyday attire to pay sartorial homage to the Belles, Snow Whites, and Beasts of their dreams while at the park.

“It’s a fun way to, as an adult, have a similar interaction to what a kid would have when they’re in their costumes,” author Leslie Kay told the Washington Post. Kay should know. She’s the one who came up with the term “DisneyBound” in the first place, runs sites devoted to it, and even wrote a book on the topic — published by Disney no less!

It all sounds like pretty silly, harmless fun to me — plus it sure beats threatening to plop a prison right next to a theme park where children play. Ah, politics!

That’s it for today’s this and that!

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Next week on Muddling through Middle Age: “Restaurants Go to the Dogs!” That’s right. Specialty tasting menus and cocktails for Bowser!

“Who’s a good boy?” “Who’s got a master with too much discretionary income?”

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