Something to Celebrate

44 Days and in Need of Joy

Something to Celebrate

Searching for something to celebrate after 44 days of sheltering-in-place, I turned to a website that lists “Daily Bizarre and Unique Calendar Holidays.” And with the month of April not quite over, I was in luck. Join me — from a socially safe distance — for an e-journey through the month’s extravaganza of unusual holidays.

We all know the month is famous (and infamous) for April Fool’s Day, income tax filings, Earth Day, and this year, both Easter and Passover, but April is also National Pecan Month and National Welding Month. Yes, the month is almost over but there’s still time to send Hallmark cards to the nut(s) (lovers) and welders in your life.

In addition to dedicated month-long celebrations, there are week-long fetes as well.

Hit the Road!

For instance, the first week of April is Read a Road Map Week. Now this “occasion” I greet with mixed emotions.

On one hand, this unofficial event, a holdover from safer, simpler, pre-smartphone days — is a comforting notion in these challenging times. I’m sure for many people, the idea of picking up and reading a road map right provides an opportunity for a dreamy mental road trip down some favorite Memory Lane.

In my case, however, picking up a road map would likely trigger a panic attack. I never could read one. Which end is up? Which end is down? North? South? Huh? Oh, how I annoyed my father and then, years later, Handsom Hubby with my lack of map-reading skills. Even when trips ended, I was still in peril, struggling in vain to fold those accordion-like devils.

Yes, the more I think about it, I’ll definitely skip “celebrating” Read a Road Map Week.

All in for Medical Labs Week

The third week of April is designated Medical Labs Week, a decidedly appropriate occasion to celebrate this year. So, belatedly, a shout out to all the dedicated people working in medical labs around the world. Heroes all. You have our thanks.

The third week of the calendar is also Organize Your Files Week. Oh, no. That’s a cleaning task I hadn’t thought to do. Now I suppose I must. But wait! Is this about paper files or digital files? Oh, drat! I guess I’ve got to do both kinds! This is much more than a one-month project. I’ll likely be at it until April 2021.

Something to Celebrate

Now if your sheltering-in-place relationship can stand it, there’s a singing celebration for this, the last week of April.  That’s right, even as we speak and sing — it’s National Karaoke Week! You and your sweetie can serenade each other or alternately drive each other — and your neighbors — crazy. Of course, if you don’t own a karaoke machine, you’re probably out of luck this year. Amazon Prime’s two-day deliveries are focused on essential supplies and I don’t think you can make that case that karaoke is critical to anybody’s well-being EVER!

And There’s More

So, as you can see, the April calendar is chock full of obscure “holidays.” Here’s just a few more:

  • International Tatting Day: Now I am a mature woman, but I am not quite old enough to know what tatting is. Yes, I could look it up, but I prefer to leave it as one of the mysteries of the ages and aged!
  • National Burrito Day: Yum!
  • Husband Appreciation Day: Handsome Hubby says every day should be so designated. Who am I to disagree (at least to his face)?
  • National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day: In my book, every day, is PB&J Day!
  • Hug a Newsman Day: Do you think the President celebrates this holiday?
  • Dyngus Day: I could look it up, but why? The word just makes me giggle.
  • International Be Kind to Lawyers Day: Two of my brothers are lawyers as is my husband. So, like it or not, I dare not make a joke or I might get sued!
  • National Jelly Bean Day: Don’t quote me, but I’m positive Handsome Hubby created this “holiday.” Jelly beans are his favorite candy as are Abba-Zaba bars. And I’m certain he’s using his sheltering-at-home “office” time to get Abba-Zaba the official holiday nod.

And just so you don’t think you’ve missed all the April holiday calendar fun, au contraire! Today, April 29th is:

  • National Shrimp Scampi Day: Except at my house — because of you-know-who, Mr. Vegan!
  • National Zipper Day: To which I say, zip-a-dee-doo-dah-day!

And tomorrow, April 30, we all can look forward to:

  • Hairstyle Appreciation Day
  • National Honesty Day

Now, I don’t know about you but the “Hairstyle Appreciation Day” celebration is going to be a stretch. My gray roots are spreading at an alarming rate and my hair is so long that I’ve started braiding it! It was a cute look when I was six. Not so cute at 65!

And if you try to couple Hairstyle Appreciation Day with National Honesty Day, well, that’s going to be a real challenge. “Oh, honey, honestly, those gray roots don’t look bad, honestly!”

As an aside, the idea that honesty is relegated to just one day of the year in America is telling! No wonder we’re in trouble!

Final April Calendar Note

In an ironic twist, April is designated as both Stress Awareness Month and National Humor Month. Given what’s happening across the globe, I’m not sure we need a special occasion to be “aware” of stress this year, (although in general, I do understand the critical importance of heightened awareness about stress and anxiety). However, I do think calling attention to humor at this critical time is an excellent idea. Clorox won’t cure COVID-19, but generally speaking, laughter remains the best medicine. (Of course, I’m no doctor!)

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