Giving Your Guy Grief

"Ba da ba ba ba. I'm lovin' it"

Giving Your Guy Grief

Sometimes, Ladies, there is no greater joy than giving your guy grief. I mean the joy of a good “I told you so” is a thing of beauty. Am I right or am I right? Of course, I’m right!

Two years in, living in Reno, NV remains a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, the Biggest Little City in the world is lovely in many ways, but for a girl born and bred in the Big Apple, Reno is obviously bereft of Broadway, bustling boulevards, and mega-museums.

Now, it seems — according to international surveys — its fast-food offerings are also lacking!

Say it ain’t so, Ronald McDonald!

But it is so, and specifically, it is Ronald the McD himself who is the one with his feet to the fire!

According to a recent survey, Reno’s McDonald’s restaurants are rated among the WORST in the WORLD!

I mean seriously … among the WORST in the WORLD!

Now, that’s bad!

The food kerfuffle started when online deals site CouponBirds asked: “Which places have the best McDonald’s stores in the world?”

The site then rated both cities and countries that offered the best (happiest?) Happy Meals and such.

It was in this august and undoubtedly highly scientific survey that the Biggest Little City did not fare well with its fare!

In point of fact, the survey placed Reno as the fifth-worst city in the U.S. for McDonald’s stores.

The U.S. cities whose food (or service) was ranked lower? Pittsburgh, Saint Louis, Jacksonville, and Toledo.

Still, fifth place on the bad burger list? That’s got to give Reno McDonald’s some serious heartburn and heartache.

Giving Your Guy Grief

Now, of course, I have been ragging HH hard about this rank ranking for DAYS.

But he is taking it on the chin. He sneers and shrugs at the ignominious survey results. He says he doesn’t care. And besides he says he doesn’t even dine at Mickey D’s — although a telltale dropped French fry in his vehicle tells another nibbler’s tale!

To all his denials, I say HH is displaying a severe absence of civic pride!

I mean if your Golden Arches are tarnished, what does it say about the community’s overall reputation? If your bun and burgers are bummers, wither goest your shakes, your sundaes, and your customer service — especially in a tourism town? It is a simultaneously sweet and salty slippery slope!

And where, pray tell, do the Golden Arches glisten and gleam? Where are the fries fried to perfection? The meals the happiest? And most importantly to what city and country do I have to move for reliable Mickey D’s burger bliss?

According to the coupon survey results, Indonesia!

Yes, McDonald’s in Indonesia claimed the top three spots for best cities in the world for the fast-food chain. Lahore, Pakistan came in at the fourth spot and Nonthaburi, Thailand nabbed the fifth spot.

These are long distances to travel for a tasty treat, but I do swear that the best pastrami is in NYC. So, who knows? Is it time to hop on a plane and travel up, up, and far, far, away for a burger? I don’t know. I just don’t know, but ask me again closer to lunchtime.

The Joy of Giving Your Guy Grief

Meanwhile, trash-talking Reno’s McDonald’s low rating to HH remains a tasty treat I just cannot get my fill of!

🎶 “Ba da ba ba ba. I’m lovin’ it.” 🎶
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